Thursday, March 22, 2018

Showing up for the sacred.

Many times my students will ask me, how do we bring the sacred into every day life?
First of all, you need to define what sacred means to you. I’m not talking about a Webster’s dictionary definition, but what does it mean in your gut and in your heart? For me it means anything that I can feel in my heart. Why make something simple complex? Starting in the morning, even before you get out of bed, simply place a hand on your heart and one on your belly, sending love and appreciation for your dreams, for life, for your beautiful body. 
Notice where the sun rises where you live. Greet the sun with delight, gratitude, prayer. We might think that the sun doesn’t notice or care but, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The elements are longing for connection and recognition. How do you feel when a coworker notices that you are shiny that day or extra efficient with your work? You shine more of course, and usually, you’re more efficient. The elements are no different than us. Their bodies may look different, but there is no difference. We humans have walked very far away from remembering that we are all connected. For healing to occur globally, it’s my belief that we must remember and recognize this connection, not only to other humans, but to the elements, the natural world, and mother earth. Continuing.......when we eat, we can keep a small bowl or plate on the table, leaving a bit of each dish for the ancestors. There is a beautiful Mayan tradition that when we do this, we blow on the food and say “I remember you as you remember me”.

No matter how busy one gets, it is essential to make time to be out in the natural world. The wind brings us messages and clears away negative thoughts. The Earth provides us, as our feet touch her skin, with vital life force energy, and the charge that keeps us in balance and robustly healthy. The Birdsong awakens our hearts, and the ancestors speak through them. The trees ground us and feed our hearts. We’ve all seen the studies where hospital patients who can see trees from their windows heal faster. The sound of the water releases stress and shifts brain waves. When we show up to the land in a way that isn’t rushed, that is with respect, we feed that, which feeds us, reciprocity occurs. Out of anything, this is the most important way to feed the sacred. We must slow down, and make it a priority because our lives depend on it. 
As the sun sets, we can bid it good night, with our gratitude for lighting our day and our world. As the moon rises we can give the grandmother a song. There are so many other ways many people feel the sacred. With music, dance, yoga or running, hiking to a stunning view. Bringing flowers into the house. Hugging, holding hands. Through creating art. Keeping our living space clear, using essential oils, plants, salt water. Listening and holding space for a friend. Sharing vulnerability. Speaking from the heart, using words as medicine. 

When we recognize the sacred in what we do, we feed it and it becomes more present in our lives.

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  1. You always post very thoughtful, and thought provoking, comments.


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