Friday, March 23, 2018

Calling ourselves home.

Almost every human walking the earth has experienced trauma. Trauma can be defined as an experience that is difficult or impossible to process or integrate. In shamanic tradition when we experience this type of trauma we incur soul loss. It’s as if tiny little pieces of our soul splinter off and travel to other worlds.
When one goes to reclaim soul fragments for another, we call the process soul retrieval. Many times, when I look for a person’s soul fragment, I find it in utero if Mom was depressed or afflicted, or with a loved one who has passed over, sometimes even occasionally in a past life. Sometimes I see the actual event that caused the soul loss and sometimes I see a metaphor of the event. Most of the time from 7 to 14 soul fragments are found.

Symptoms of soul loss are feeling disconnected from self or life. People will use words and phrases like: “I don’t feel like I’m all here” or “I was beside myself”, or “part of me is missing”. The eyes will have a vague faraway look. Anyone suffering from any type of addiction has soul loss. Soul loss makes us vulnerable. It can affect the immune system, emotional stability, physical health, and decision making.

A few years ago, I was asked to work with a man who was a police officer, and a sniper in the military. His PTSD was so severe that he could not get out of bed most days. He described it as feeling a buzzing in his head that was incapacitating. I started to work with him carefully, gently, using Reiki and Shamanic pattern release, and doing some extraction work, slowly making our way to doing soul retrieval. Many parts of him came back each time and afterwards he was able to get out of bed and participate in life with his family for a longer amount of time. After three soul retrievals he was able to take on a part-time job. Eventually he made a full recovery and was able to resume a full-time job.

Another story that was quite remarkable was a young woman randomly started to speak in a different voice and was quite agitated and seemed to be having a mental break. I was called to observe her by a relative because the relative suspected possession. This behavior went on for several days until she was committed to a mental health facility due to self-harm. I offered to work with her from a distance, but she refused all help initially. Over a few days she agreed to allow me to work with her. I chose to work with her from a distance because I felt I could be more effective. With the support of her relative and friends who do this work I did a de-possession, extraction, which is removing intrusive, unwanted energies, and then immediately a soul retrieval, to fill her back up so nothing could enter her again. The next day she was released from the hospital and back to normal. In Brazil the Shaman’s are invited into the mental hospitals, and after working with the patients many of them are released. In our culture this way of thinking is slowly becoming more accepted and recognized. Half of the work I do is reuniting people with their soul fragments.

Most people can have two or more SR throughout their life, depending on the amount of trauma they’ve endured. It takes up to 6 months to fully integrate the soul fragments back.

I've been doing this work for nearly 20 years and specialize in SR. It’s empowering and most people report feeling like there’s more of them present to make a decision and they feel more integrated and connected, fuller of themselves.

If you have experienced trauma or miss qualities that you remember having as a child or have been diagnosed with PTSD and conventional therapies aren’t working, you may want to have a conversation with me about Soul Retrieval.

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