Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Establishing a relationship to place .

Please bear with me as I dust off old grammar , and sentence construction skills. This blog is about essence , depth , moving through the layers , so please kindly overlook the package .

Cedar and I got out in the woods today as we try to everyday and my thoughts drifted back to sitting on a log with my Father . We were out squirrel hunting and I was around 11 . He stated that if you wanted to see or hear the animals, you had to blend in and sit very still , and eventually they would trust you and come out . Today the sun was brilliant , so i stopped to soak it it in , and was very still and sure enough a Chickadee started to sing and then a Blue Jay .The leaves that were left on the Ash trees started to dance . I felt a Hornet nest was near and looked up and there it was . I remembered Dad's words and relished in the connection to him , but also to nature . How many times do I go out with an agenda and miss the connection ? It felt like they were waiting for me to deepen in and be still . That they were also seeking connection.  

 Another observation is that as we show up to a place over and over, that that place will begin to reveal deeper layers of beauty and essence . It's as if that place begins to entrust us to it's truth and secrets . Try walking the same route day after day with awareness . You begin to establish a relationship with place . Nature begins to play with us a bit ,to leave little gifts or at times significant teachings or messages if we pay attention. This is all I want to write today . My hope is that it entices more people to show up for the magic . Loving the Earth , getting out in nature restores us and can make us whole again .

Feel free to share any stories on how the connection to Nature has enhanced your life .

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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