Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Solstice Message from Blue Jay

Last week, on one of Cedar's walks something was casting shadows from above, so we stopped to have a look. Blue Jays were flying into the tall treetops deep in the woods from every direction. There were at least 30-40 of them right above us , and they just kept flying in. They typically gather in a small group, but never have I seen so many together. I whispered a prayer of gratitude and we continued the walk .

A few days later, my partner Jerry, Cedar and I were on the same trail. When we approached the same area, lo and behold the Blue Jays were in the same treetops. There were half as many this time , maybe around 25. He was astounded, as was I, and we both knew we were witnessing something very special.

The next day I went up with Cedar and of course I had to stop in that same area and look up. Disappointed that there weren’t any Blue Jays in the treetops I just stood and thought about what they might mean. As I was quiet I could hear them calling in the distance, after some time I realized that they were calling from all four directions.

In the meantime they were visiting the bird feeders in droves. Enough that I had to fill them every other day and still do. One day I counted 10 out at the back feeder at once .

The room I do yoga in is facing the back bird feeders. The mantra one day was worthiness. I was following this yoga class on YouTube and was moving through it with ease. Towards the end of the class a well of emotion released from my chest and eyes. It’s hard to describe, but I saw my ancestors behind and my children in front and the lineage of the shadow of unworthiness throughout us all.  Then , inside of us ,  there was a small, stout woman moving through, sweeping up the dust of unworthiness. Deep deep emotion was moving through, but I was aware enough to see a shadow move across my closed eyes. I got up to see what this was and it was a Blue Jay.

I am feeding the Blue Jays with deep gratitude. They are appearing as a transitional power animal. Here to teach, and then move on when the lesson is learned or integrated. Blue Jays teach about the proper use of power.


  1. I cannot recall ever seeing a group of Jays that large. It was really nice to see. PLUS it was a great walk!

  2. Sure sounds like the BlueJays and you have a connection.


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